Berny_74's Sniper frigates challenge

Has anyone been able to beat Berny’s sniper frigate challenge (4970964) using races other than Outcast iself?
I’ve tried numerous times (and boiling blood pressure), but can only beat it using snipers too.
I think Berny’s sniper frigates tactic is the ultimate unbeatable setup? ^^

I was going to try out this challenge; then I actually looked at the deployment and the restrictions.

I intend no offense to anyone, but I find frigate spam vs. frigate spam boring as hell to watch. Pass.

(And again, no offense intended anywhere, but severe restrictions kind of poke holes in the “ultimate unbeatable” categorization. It becomes what is known as an “overly narrow superlative”.)

It was supposed to be restrictive. I was trying to see how powerful the snipe laser really was - and for frigate on frigates I think it will defeat anything out there including rushes. The accuracy and power of it is pretty awesome. But I by no means consider it a super weapon like the unnerfed ISB or flak cannon since it does bounce of a cruiser shields.

As of yet I think the only defeats have been from similarly armed frigates with a differing deployment.

As for restrictions and sizes I think Defend Caspian IV is the best and most suitable map for fun times.

Then there’s dear god.
BTW Tiger - I won, but your fighters chewed me up in the end after the victory conditions appeared I will try and resend @ a later time

oh yeah, when i finaly make enought to buy the outcast im going to send my Praetorian frigates in and you will die