Best Friends Forever

I am frustrated with this game now. I was really enjoying it the first night I played it and stayed up all night playing a character past 10 years and made her a successful Law Partner. Or Senior Law Partner–I forget. Everything is going awesome in that game and the character has amassed $12,000 without cheating and many friends and a boyfriend.

I started a 2nd character but abandoned her quickly.

On the 3rd character, I found this forum and used the cheats to make the starting money as high as I could get it and the salaries crazy high as well. I was enjoying playing my 3rd character for 17 hours straight (real live human hours) until the last couple hours when I moved her into International Lawyer and couldn’t figure out why she sucked at her job and was miserable and started to lose all her friends when I had her focus on improving her IQ and honesty so that she could become an International Lawyer and then later on switch to the same position but closer to home. I started disliking the game and started cursing at the “friends” who kept asking her to hang out when she was studying law and then abandoning her.

Here is a suggestion for Kudos 3!!! Make it possible to create BFFs forever. So you would focus on this one friend constantly until they wanted to become a best friend and then you could lock them in and even if you ignored them when you had to study or do other things, your chosen BFFs would stick by your side faithfully forever. A dialogue box would pop up similar to the one asking for a romantic date. Except this one would ask to be your BFF. You could also buy your BFF a gift as well. Perhaps you could have at least one BFF as a minimum or preferably more. It would make the game easier but perhaps more enjoyable. At least for me it would. Those who want to keep the game as it is could ignore the BFF option.

Marriages don’t last forever, but friends usually don’t ditch you so fast.

Hey i quite like this idea. There should definitely be some ‘friction’ in terms of when you have established a very strong friendship it should weather minor stretches of ignoring them a lot better than less close-friends would.

Perhaps the other person’s personality traits could modify this. For instance, an extroverted character (who likes being with a number of different people and such) would be less likely to tolerate that friction, and less likely to get the ‘best friend’ condition over time. Wouldn’t mean it couldn’t happen, but it’d require the high relationship state be maintained for a longer period of time.