Best party name

List your custom party name and the policy’s it stands for!

I’ll go first!

Bank repossession and management team.

Head cannon: America can’t pay it’s debt so it goes into foreclosure and repossession. My bank now runs America!

Policy procedure: I eliminate any and all spending programs and enact ALL taxes to the max setting. Yes, you now must pay the flat tax AND the progressive tax! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Once the debt is paid in full, I move us to massive police state and limit the population growth. Then I slowly enact policies to make everyone secular and self employed. Wages are crushed, automation is normal, and productivety is maxed. By this time I’m in power for about a few decades with Trillions in the bank I eventually get board out and call it a win!

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Unironic progressive fascists.

Discrimination and violence is done away with, everything else is the same.

Nation Nation Nation.