Best Race? (poll)

Which is the best race!

  • Terrans
  • Zyrtari
  • Kraugerisk
  • Y’Oontan

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I’ve been playing GSB2 well gratuitously and i seem to gravitate to the Kraugerisk, it might be because of the insectoid design of their ships (i choose mainly on aesthetics) or because it feels they might be a reference to the Krikket people of Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, either way they seem to be my favorite. this led me to wonder what the general consensus was on best race, so please vote on the poll provided

Thank you.

Gotta be Y’ootan - their ships are by far the best-looking.

I not too fond of them or their backstory (not that it matters) do they have any strategic advantage
in ship format?

I totally agree their backstory is bleh, and their hull boosts are completely contrary to my playstyle - I just like the way they look, that’s all.

hah fair enough. the poor Zyrtari, im just afraid of their portrait really, its down deep in spocks end of the uncanny valley

For me, it was a choice between the Zyrtari (boosted shields) and the Kraugerisk (boosted tracking). I ended up going with the Kraugerisk because their Sabre dreadnaught gives them the ability to crush speed-tanking ships with missiles in a way the Zyrtari can’t replicate, while still having the ability to run massed shield-support setups fairly effectively.

That is an interesting point but have you considered making a fortress ship with the Zyrtari shields eg: a ship without engines.

I love the Zyrtari, not only because of their bonuses but because of their ships- they are quite pretty and of course for some provide some sort of heritage with the Federation (both GSB1’s and Star Trek’s).