Best race?

(This must have been discussed already, but I couldn’t find a thread using search.)

I “finished” GSB using the federation, by which I mean completed all the battles on all three levels of difficulty. I’m thinking of starting over again using the other races, but if it will be an exercise in frustration I think I’ll just rest on what I already accomplished, which is more than I thought I would.

When using federation ships, I went through the guys with circular ships (look like Deep Space Nine) with no trouble using poorly-designed fighters and a handful of cruisers and frigates. I tried playing them, and found them to be unworkable, which with GSB usually just means I missed something.

I’m curious - are the balanced? Is there a best race? A worse one?


all the races are best in one way. if the enemy has fighters, alliance or federation would be the best choice. if you need to get to the enemy FAST, rebels are for you. enemy cruisers pummeling your forces? try the empire. :smiley:

Just wait and we will make each race better in one kind of way.

That’s for sure. Example here…a big one. :slight_smile:

The BIG Example will be the GSB Enhance/Compilation mod.

true, true. :smiley:

The Imperials / Empire are certainly the most difficult in terms of play. I counted them weaker throughout most of the beta.

In the final released game, there are two important things to note:

1: The EMP cruiser weapon is a standard module. It does NOT take up a hardpoint! Since the Empire is long on standard modules but short on hardpoints, this is a key element of a successful Empire strategy.

2: Fighters have been tweaked so that the Rebel advantage is no longer insurmountable. To beat Rebel fighters with Empire fighters, you’ll need to get some anti-fighter missiles or tractor beams into the fray before your fighters are metal mulch.