Best way to gift?

I recently learned about GSB from Crispy Gamer’s comic, Backwards Compatible.

After seeing the demo, my whole family wants it, so it’s coming to our house sometime before holidays.

But my son wants to give it as a gift to his friend, who’s birthday is quickly approaching (this weekend, in fact). What’s the best way to do this? Can we give him a code to access a download or do we have to wait for a CD to be mail-ordered?

Do it over Steam, it is the easiest way. All you need to do is have a have a steam account and a valid credit card.

Steam? Hmm…must google.
Would the friend need a Steam account as well?

Was really looking more for something that we could physically give, like in a card or something.

If you don’t know if he has Steam or not… And want to give him something he can hold… Then I’d suggest buying it directly, downloading the installer and putting it on a CD, with his serial number written down in the card or something :slight_smile: That way you know he’ll have it up and running in minutes if he wants to.

I was not sure if I could put anything onto a CD to give without buying a copy for myself first. So, I can download and copy to CD the installer separate from the game itself? That would be the way to go then. Thanks a bunch!

When you buy it, you get a (unique) download link and a serial code. I’m just guessing here, but I doubt you’d have any problems purchasing and downloading on behalf of the person you’re gifting. If you wanna play it safe, buy yourself a copy at the same time, then it’s obvious one copy was intended for someone else :slight_smile:

Maybe wait for Cliffski to notice this post (or send him a email, it’s on the buying page, if I remember right) and see what he says, just to be sure :slight_smile: It’d suck if you followed my advice, then had hassles later :slight_smile:

It is good advice. you get a download link and a serial, its not a problem to burn that to a CD and stick the serial in a card as a gift. In fact i encourage you to do so :smiley:
Especially if they don’t already have a steam account, because then they need to install steam, get an account etc…

An alternative presented itself: I sent his dad a link to the site (since dad’s computer will have to run the game).
But it’s good to know that Xmas prezzies will be easy now!