Beta 1.15: Crash on initiating final scenario


Upon clicking ‘Deploy the Fleet!’ for the Elysium Prime scenario, the game crashes immediately.

Game is on administrator mode.
Crash is reproducible.


Same crash.

I got halfway into the battle by removing all my previous ships, edited my dreadnoughts to change missile launchers to multi-missile launchers.

Still crashed halfway through, however by doing the above, it allowed past the loading screen.

Edit: Got further by adding unedited (ships I previously made) cruisers that are fighter defense only (in case that matters) still crashed at around 30% enemy destroyed.
Edit 2: Edited the fighter defense ships, with limpets (I have no idea what they do, but whatever), no change in crash time. No obvious trigger, such as no ships in range etc.
No orders have been given to any ship for all of these games.
EDIT 3: Edited the cruisers, no orders and completed the mission.

Crashes less when the credit for winning is lower.
Changing a ship fitout changes when it crashes
Orders existing from one game to the next show graphic glitches

Lack of targets seems to have some effect on crashes, low % remaining seems to correlate to crashes, not definitive as games have been played with no engines and enemies fleeing (thus no targets and no resolution) without a crash.