Beta 1.15 Crashing always before winning / Beta 1.17 fixed

I have been trying hard to win against Tohron’s Racer Dreadnaughts MkII challenge (5189584) for quite some time now.
Finally I have come up with some silly solution that allows me to win - but the game always crashes when his last Dreadnaught gets destroyed. (Edit: it no longer crashes as of Beta 1.17)
These fast dreadnaughts are beyond the boundaries of the observable universe most of the time, simply by going over the map edge before turning around… - maybe that has something to do with it…

edit: changed topic wording to comply with the rules. 2nd edit: no longer crashing on winning

It’s nothing to do with that specific challenge - it happens any time you win one, in the current build anyway.

Ok thanks - good to know.
How do I create / upload my own challenge?

At this point, I don’t believe it’s possible to create a new challenge from scratch like you could in the old game (although I expect Cliff will add that later). What you can do at the moment is to go to any campaign mission, place your ships and then select the ‘challenge’ button in the top-left to submit that fleet.