Beta 1.15 Fighters without a Fuel Tank? Design not saveable.

I have a problem to save the ship design. save the ship design button is not enabled when I open a hull. it is displayed as dark.

Ensure that neither the crew required nor the power required exceeds that supplied. If it does, try adding some crew quarters or a power plant.

I give you a screenshot to give you an idea of what I see on my side. I can not save my design.

This one caught me as well. The reason why this ship can not be saved is that it is missing a component.

In GSB II there has been a change to the way Fighters/Gunships operate. During Battle these ships will launch from a carrier bay and after traveling a certian distance, must return to a carrier bay to refuel

Therefore to make a valid fighter/gunship design, you need to have both an engine and a fuel tank. (fuel tanks are found in the “other” tab)

Thank’s, work now.