Beta 1.15 Hardpoints on top of each other

Love the game, but that was a given. Something that could use polish though is the hard points overlapping, if it overlaps a lot it can be difficult to see what’s in a slot or move modules into it.

Yup this is a known issue. It’s more of a problem on smaller resolutions, and we have moved a lot of them so that visually you see the slot and a line to its actual location but we may well have missed a few which we should address during beta. Feel free to point out any that we have missed and are tricky to use.

Thank you! For me it’s quite a few ships, I’m using 1920x1080, im wondering if maybe I have something set improperly with my resolution, I’ll check that and report back.

Cliff, a nasty example of this is on the Kraugerisk “Sabre” dreadnought.
I think that this particular case is the most problematic of all the weapon-slot overlaps :

At the hull’s rear-center area, there is a cluster of five weapons slots arranged in a “horseshoe” pattern.

The center weapon slot of those five appears under the other four. I suspect this has to do with the behind-the-scenes number of that slot – slots created later will have a higher number than ones created earlier in the design workflow. At present, it makes that center turret almost unreachable with my mouse cursor.

I think that this case of overlapping can be fixed if we change that slot’s number in the “Sabre”'s file to be a number incremented higher than each of the respective weapon-slot numbers assigned to the other four turrets in that cluster. If this works, it also has the advantage of not needing to physically re-position any of the weapons slots, including the one with the problem. If it doesn’t work - if having the center turret rendering now becoming above the other four in that cluster - causes its companion turrets to be eclipsed too much, then we’ll have to physically slide that center turret slot farther to the hull’s stern (rear).

A related fix for the “Sabre”'s turrets :
The single, centerlined standard (non-weapon) slot immediately aft of that 5-turret cluster should be pulled at least one-half of a slot-width towards the hull’s stern away from the turret cluster ahead of it.

Together, these two design changes should completely fix the turret-slot overlaps of this mighty leviathan of the Kraugerisk navy.

Zyrtari “Plato” dreadnought :

At the front of the hull, there are two clusters of 3 turret (weapon) slots each.
There is one standard (non-weapon) slot between the clusters, right on the hull’s centerline.

The middle slot in both clusters of turrets is hard to reach with mouse cursor. More than 75% of the time I end up accidentally selecting one of the flanking turrets in each 3-slot cluster instead of the one in the center.

For the cluster that’s closest to the ship’s bow (forward):
Please move the middle weapon slot at least one full slot-height closer to the bow.

For the cluster that’s farther from the ship’s bow (rear):
Please move the middle weapon slot at least one full slot-height farther (rearward) away from the bow.

For the single, centerline standard (non-weapon) slot between the two turret clusters:
Please move this non-gun slot one-half of a module height away from (down/rearward) the forward turret cluster. Its new position should be exactly equidistant between both of these 3-turret clusters.

Kraugerisk “Gladius” cruiser :

There are 2 turret slots in the forward-most part of the hull.

The turret slot which is farther from the front overlaps the one ahead (forward/top-most) of it.

Please move that turret slightly more towards the rear of the hull.

If the horizontal midpoint of that slot is exactly lined-up with the line connecting it to the gun-turret graphic just to the right of it, that might be enough displacement from the slot above it to make mouse selection work reliably all the time.

Y’ootan “Sundance” dreadnought :

There are 2 turret (weapon) slots in the extreme forward nose of the hull. Both are on the hull’s centerline.

The more forward of these turrets overlaps the more rearward turret by at least one-third.

This causes a situation where it is possible to mouse-select both turrets at the same time.

Please move the trailing/rearward slot of those 2 turrets one-half slot-height straight down/rearward, away from the bow.

There is a cluster of 6 tightly-spaced turret slots close to the center of the hull. Incredibly, at 1680x1050 screen resolution they do not conflict with each other.
Just barely, though!
I wonder how that slot spacing appears for players limited to a screen resolution less than 1680x1050, though. That 6-slot weapon cluster might become difficult if your screen res is, for example, at or under 1344x840.

The sabre class dreadnought: I think the middle rear section that shows 4 weapon slots and 1 utility slot looks like it has something behind them. I can see something peeking out and sometimes when I drop a module on a slot there it disappears, I’m thinking going to the one behind them. But I can’t quite tell.

Y’ootan “Capone” Cruiser (at 1920x1080)

The forwardmost hardpoint is overlapped significantly by the standard slot immediately behind it.

Y’ootan “Sundance” dreadnought (1920x1080)

Good grief, everything here is a mess of overlaps and slot overdensity! Maybe consider just making the slot icons smaller?

Kraugerisk ‘sabre’ dreadnought (1920x1080)

The cluster of five hardpoints, in the middle - the rear-facing one is almost impossible to get at, and extremely difficult to see. I managed to accidentally place a combat tractor beam there, and now I literally can’t get it out.

Rex Abhard, the Sabre’s problem with that rear 5-gun turret cluster was already mentioned.

Eureka ! (I think)

Executive Summary: I think there might be an issue when you change the screen resolution to <> x 1080

Test case: Using a single 1920 x 1080 monitor
I started at the smallest resolution and had a look at the size of module slots. As I increased the screen size I found that the module slots remained the same size, but once the screen size changes to 1920 x 1080 the slot size increased.

Ship Hull: Sundance

The image on the left was taken with GSB2 set at 1680 x 1050, the image on the right was taken with GSB2 set at 1920 x 1080
(I get the same result if GSB2 is full screen or windowed)

Does anyone get a similar result ?

Ok I’ll fix this… although if you cant wait for me its actually an easy fix. If you check data\screenmetrics you will see where this all comes from. It looks like I haven’t been accurate enough in terms of setting the sizes of these icons right for each screen size, and should probably add more metrics files.
The value in question (for slot size) is SHIPEDITOR_SLOT_SIZE.
I’ll go through and tweak them for the next patch…