Beta 1.15 - Requests

I suspect better weapon descriptions may be in the pipeline, but currently the Research Center doesn’t seem to display what modules are for which ship classes. This makes purchasing modules really confusing when I have no idea which ship its even for.

On a completely different note, I’ve noticed some of the Pulse Lasers, I believe, seem to have miniscule graphics. They show up barely against the backdrop as simply " - " and rarely can I even tell the weapon is firing. Would it be graphically overloading to perhaps double the width and somehow adjust their color to stand out more?


There’s a thread you might want to check out called ‘the bug fixes in progress thread’ that lists everything Cliff has already got ready for the next patch, and this is among them. Actually, 1.16 has already released, you may want to update your copy to that.

Ah crap, I read the patch notes to avoid posting something already fixed. Clearly I misread, sorry.