Beta 1.15 - Typo

Well, there didn’t seem to be a general issues thread, and I don’t know if you want to set one up yourself. Just happened to find a minor typo with the Terran fighter Pulse Laser - it states "fires a concentrated pulse of laser energy to cuase … "

EDIT: its on the Dreadnaught Pulse Cannon as well.

Thanks. I suck at typing :smiley:

I hate to make a thread for each tiny thing, but is the Dreadnaught Powered Armor supposed to actually cost power, like GSB1?

Yup. It actually does, but the stats don’t display that. I’ll fix it.

Cliffski would it help if I posted a list of spelling mistakes I’ve found, or would you prefer to wait until later?

Post them in the minor graphical issues thread, it’s what it’s for.