Beta 1.15 - Visuals Screen

So far, I can’t really get the visuals screen to work with any hull other than the Sample Ships provided for the tutorial. I grab a frigate hull, put some modules on, and head over to the visuals tab, but nothing loads on the right, and only a few options appear on the left. I can still drag options from the left, but they won’t appear on the right until I go back to the modules screen. Pictures below:

Well crikey thats a weird one. Some initial questions:
Is this running on a PC? (not a mac under some emulation)
Is it running on latest video card drivers?
it it running on beta video card drivers?
What version of windows is it?
Any other errors or anomalies in the game? Do ships look ok during deployment and battle?
There is a debug file in \my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles 2\debug
called ‘drawdebug.txt’ and another called errors.txt. Errors is probably empty, but drawdebug might give a hint as to whats going wrong. Could you copy and paste its contents here?

This is related to alt-tabbing out and back again isn’t it? I just reproduced it here…will work on a fix.

Andd…this is fixed ready for the next build. Thanks for reporting it.

Oh no problem. I tried to upload the logs, but my connection refused to do it. Glad to hear its fixed!