Beta 1.16 Crash in Ship Designer

While using GSB2 in Windowed mode, it crashes in the ship designer after I have loaded one of my ships and I have switched to the Visuals tab.

[22:52:44:578]- ----DEBUG FILE----
[22:52:44:578]- GSB Debug File. App version Beta 1.16
[22:52:44:580]- Desktop resolution is 1920 x 1080
[22:52:44:598]- Initialising Sound Engine
[22:52:44:626]- Finished Initialising Sound Engine
[22:52:44:695]- Attempting to initialise steam
[22:52:44:695]- Steam initialisation failed
[22:52:44:695]- Initialising Direct3D
[22:52:44:759]- Initialising global vertex buffer
[22:52:44:759]- creating render targets
[22:52:44:976]- success in initialising 3D
[22:52:45:667]- GBufferedFile failed to open file [data/dlc.txt]
[22:52:45:677]- server/getmymessages.php?&username=REDACTED&id=REDACTED&lastmessageid=0
[22:52:45:677]- server/getmymessages.php?&username=REDACTED&id=REDACTED&lastmessageid=0
[22:52:45:677]- Start of SIM_Internet::OpenLink
[22:52:45:682]- End of SIM_Internet::OpenLink
[22:52:45:682]- SIM_Internet::DownloadFile(C:\Users\Doug Game\Documents/My Games/GratuitousSpaceBattles2/web/messages.txt)
[22:52:45:937]- SIM_Internet::DownloadFile ends
[22:52:46:185]- Vertex Buffer Released
[22:52:48:692]- Ship Design not found ->:…\src\SIM_ShipDesignManager.cpp 374

Errors.txt has many iterations of the following error:

15/2/2015 - 22::53 - D3DERR_INVALIDCALL
15/2/2015 - 22::53 - failed
15/2/2015 - 22::53 - Untranslated HRESULT [1]
15/2/2015 - 22::53 - Shader Effect failed to find technique

Yikes, do you have the details of your video card, and if you happen to know what pixel shader version and directx version it supports?

It is an ATI Radeon 6800 line. I have no idea what version of pixel shader it supports. Dxdiag says that I am using Directx version 11. Below are screenshots from dxdiag.

Can you paste in drawdebug.txt as well. It seems to have problems with shaders, and yet your card sounds new enough that they really shouldn’t be a problem.

Initialising 3D Engine in windowed mode Driver : aticfx32.dll Description : AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series DeviceName : \\.\DISPLAY1 Checking For Shader Support NumSimultaneousRTs:4 hal_caps.PixelShaderVersion >= D3DPS_VERSION(2, 0) About to Create 3D Device with width: 1440 and height : 900 Attempting hardware Vertex Processing Finished initialising 3D Engine Initialising Render target of 1440 X 900 rt_offscreen1 rt_offscreen1 Initialising Render target of 1440 X 900 rt_offscreen2 rt_offscreen2 Initialising Render target of 1440 X 900 rt_transition rt_transition Initialising Render target of 1440 X 900 rt_unlit rt_unlit Initialising Render target of 1440 X 900 rt_distortion rt_distortion Initialising Render target of 1440 X 900 rt_depth rt_depth Initialising Render target of 1440 X 900 rt_selection rt_selection Initialising Render target of 1440 X 900 rt_lightmaps rt_lightmaps Initialising Render target of 1440 X 900 rt_lens_dirt rt_lens_dirt Initialising Render target of 1 X 1 rt_sunstore rt_sunstore Initialising Render target of 720 X 450 rt_bloom1 rt_bloom1 Initialising Render target of 360 X 225 rt_bloom2 rt_bloom2 Initialising Render target of 360 X 225 rt_bloom2a rt_bloom2a Initialising Render target of 180 X 112 rt_bloom3 rt_bloom3 Initialising Render target of 180 X 112 rt_bloom3a rt_bloom3a Initialising Render target of 90 X 56 rt_bloom4 rt_bloom4 Initialising Render target of 90 X 56 rt_bloom4a rt_bloom4a Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/alphacombine.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/alphacombine2rt.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/alpha_fromtexture2.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/bloom.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/bloomblurx.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/bloomblury.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/blueprint.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/brightpass.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/camoflage.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/complex_engine_glow.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/composite_normalmap.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/default_noeffect.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/depth_blur.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/depth_merge.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/design_unlit.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/distortion.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/force_texture_black.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/greyscale.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/highcontrast.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/hologram.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/lensdirt.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/lightmap.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/lightmap_composition.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/lightsout.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/multiply_sunbright.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/nebulalightning.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/normalmap.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/normalmap_mirrorx.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/normalmap_preview.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/occlusion.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/redden.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/rockwall.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/rotate_normal.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/selection.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/shader.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/shadow.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/shieldblast.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/shieldgrid.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/shields.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/splat.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/splatemit.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/stencil.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/streakspot.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/streak_precheck.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/sunbrightscaled.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/sunstore.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/survival1.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/yellowboost.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/zbuff.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/zcompare.fx] Creating shader from file:[data/shaders/zcompareGUI.fx]