Beta 1.16: Crash when editing ship from deployment screen

When I try to edit an existing ship design from the deployment screen (right-click ship and click ‘edit’), the game always crashes with this error:

Failed attempting to write file: [_temp_deployment]:..\src\GUI_DeploymentControls.cpp 460

However, When I click ‘New Ship’ and load my ship from there, I get no error, but that is less convenient…

The game doesn’t seem to mind if you’re running the game as an admin; try that.

Running as admin works. Thank you.

Is that definitely in 1.16? I thought it was fixed with that build?

Yes, the main screen says Beta 1.16.

According to the patch notes, only the crash when creating a new ship was fixed; not the crash when editing an old one.

Can confirm this also happens to me (running as admin)

AFAIK this is fixed completely in 1.17

Sorry to rain on your parade, but it’s not. The problem is with GUI_DeploymentControls.cpp 441 instead of .cpp 460 like it used to be, but the game still crashes in otherwise exactly the same way.

I’ve changed the way this stuff works, and it should definitely be ok in 1.18…