Beta 1.16- Editor problems - z-levels, composites & scaling

Currently I’m having a number of problems with the ship editor. These all after you exit (you can see the problems on the modules screen):

  • Some (but not all) z-values get reset.
  • Composites seem to all take the average centre value, stacking on top of each other.
  • The scaling of some objects isn’t saved quite right. Again, doesn’t seem to be all of them.

These are illustrated below. This is how it looks when I have it all set up in the visual editor:

The right nacelle is a composite, the left one is not. The stuff in the white circle will lose their z-levels noticably, and the stuff in the green has its scaling go wrong.

Then, I click ‘modules’ and immediately go back to ‘visuals’:

You can see the right nacelle has entirely collapsed, the lights in the white circle are above the component they were previously below and some of the lights in the green circle have changed their scaling slightly.

In addition to these issues, the saved composite engine doesn’t load properly. If I click on it in the menu and drag it across to the editor, I get this:

These problems all happen consistently for me with the editor.

I’m happy to provide further info, but I’m not sure what would be useful.