Beta 1.16 Google Hangouts Fails to Start When GSB2 Running


Another strange bug with GSB 2. After I have GSB 2 running in the background, I cannot start the Chrome Google Hangouts extension. If I start it first, it works fine, but if GSB2 is running, then it doesn’t start until I exit GSB 2, at which point it starts up normally.


Thats ultra-weird. is it just GSB2 or any steam game? or any directx game?


I have never noticed it with anything else, but I haven’t done much testing on it. But it is very repeatable for me with respect to GSB2. I will try out some other games to see if I can recreate it with something else.


As a followup, this hangup doesn’t occur if I am on the main screen of GSB2, but it does occur if I have gone into the ship designer.


A bit more further testing.

This doesn’t happen with GSB1. Just tested this out.

This only happens with GSB2 if I have gone into the ship designer or started a battle (doesn’t occur if I have only set up fleet deployment or chosen a campaign). However, once I have done either of those, Google Hangouts won’t start until I exit from GSB2 (i.e. it doesn’t kick on at the main screen, but only at exit).


One more thing. Just tested with 1.17 and it is still there. Also noted that I am able to fire up Hangouts when I am in the Visuals section of the ship designer. However, it is not able to start while I am in the primary ship design area. I have no idea what this means, but I thought it might help.