Beta 1.16: The minor graphical issues thread


Same as the last version of this thread, we can’t expect Cliff to have to trawl through a hundred different bug reports to find the highest priority ones.

This thread will therefore be a collection to all minor graphical/typographical issues in 1.16. Feel free to post anything weird looking here, from ghostly ships to typos.

This is NOT the place for anything serious or gameplay related, such as crashes.

Screenshots are ideal, but an accurate, detailed description should suffice.

You may recall one of the bugs I found in 1.15 being that the battle ‘Habitat D458’ would not even go to the deployment screen, being unable to find a design of ship that worked fine everywhere else. This greeted me after downloading 1.16:

A set of formation lines not joining up properly:

Should be ‘hangar’:

Weird escort lines that appear whenever I load a formation, but were not ordered by me and the game doesn’t seem to think they exist outside of showing them on the deployment:

This tutorial box is evidently too small:

Turrets layered on top of their hardpoints:

The cursor for the challenge description box being two lines below where it should be:

An engine glow’s appearance in the designer…

Vs how it appeared in-game:

White squares appearing on a projected hologram:

The same ship’s visual layout, if it helps at all:


This only happens if my ship flys over a nebula or over smoke (from a destroyed ship).

Note the gaps between the elements and the parts displayed in the engine glow (left picture).
The right picture shows the same ship in void sapce (no nebula or smoke = no problem).


I had noticed this effect as well. Note that the ship here normally has solid nacelles:

As you can see, the nebula also does unhappy things to the engine glows. For the solid ship components, it looks like an attempt at blurring edges that unfortunately doesn’t take into account that certain component edges are not ship edges.


Typo in target painter description.


edit Beta 1.17

Closing and opening the research window did not fix this? - reopening GSB didn’t fix this…
I believe this triggered when i clicked “Unlock” on the churchill class Cruiser, and nothing happend.

Edit: the window has fixed itself, and i was able to unlock a new hull, not sure what i did in the meantime to affect this.


Here’s an odd little bit that popped up during a recent battle of extended size (Malvastaxx Alpha):

There is no ship under the white dot and it appeared to be fixed to one point in space (when I zoomed in, eventually it moved off the planet into empty space).


If you delete the ship design that you are currently editing, the ship editor crashes.