Beta 1.17 - Installation problem

I have just bought the game and downloaded it, however, whenever i activate the installer it just says "The setup files are corrupter. Please obtain a new copy of the program, however i have re downloaded it twice, and it still will not work. If anyone has any idea what to do about this, that would be great,

Hi, it’s very unlikely that the downloaded file is corrupt. The easiest way to see is by checking if it has a proper icon in windows explorer (not blank). If so, its likely the real thing. In that case, some program on your pc is interfering with the installer and its almost certainly a really badly coded antivrus or ‘internet security’ product. Do you have anything like that installed?

If that isn’t it, it might be that you actually do have some malware on your PC, so make sure you scan for any.

Also, what version of windows do you have?

Hey, I am using windows 7 service pack 2, i have checked and the files not corrupted, also i have AVG security and i’m just gonna do a scan for viruses now,

have you tried on a different computer?
if it doesn’t work for the same reasons then something strange is happening

or rather then the far flung theory you should get malwarebytes anti malware (juts the free version its good enough for something like this) and do a scan for malware

malware is different than viruses, very different


in my opinion avg is not the best, maybe better than norton but, if you're going to pay for a antivirus, you should get nod32

i put this in code because there’s no cross out function here, i did research about this stuff, and its not like i thought