Beta 1.17 more Ship Customizer issues


I decided that it would be neat to create a ship where the engines were not attached by superstructure, but instead were attached to the ship by glowing energy. So I built some engines and put glows underneath.

When all of these are separate, it looks right in the module screen.

However, if I make all of the components of the engine structure and make them a composite, it works fine initially on the design screen. But when I flip to the module screen, the composite is broken and they all move to the a single spot.

When you move back to the visuals screen, then it is obvious that all of the individual components were split up and all put at the same spot.


Throw on top of this : Gunship visuals are not saving correctly, I keep losing Z-axis when I try saving my designs, and it keeps resetting to defaults, thereby losing layouts. Most annoying! Is yours a gunship blueprint, I wonder?


This was for a destroyer, if that makes a difference.


Looks like the same problem(s) I was having here:

And to confirm, I am also still having these issues in 1.17, as my original post was for 1.16.