Beta 1.17: The minor graphical issues thread

Same as the last version of this thread, we can’t expect Cliff to have to trawl through a hundred different bug reports to find the highest priority ones.

This thread will therefore be a collection to all minor graphical/typographical issues in 1.17. Feel free to post anything weird looking here, from ghostly ships to typos.

This is NOT the place for anything serious or gameplay related, such as crashes.

Screenshots are ideal, but an accurate, detailed description should suffice.

These green and blue bars seem to have no relation to their respective supply/consumption ratios:

A lightning gun misaligned with its beam:

Two instances of the Y’ootan being referred to as Y’ootani:

A composite mirroring incorrectly (I thought this was fixed):

A new form of composite nonsense (may have been something to do with the transition from 1.16 to 1.17):

Target painter still says that it assists “middiles” find their targets. See 1.16 thread.

I disagree :smiley:
The blue is the ‘excess’, the green is the extent to which the need is fulfilled. So if you look back at it youll realise the first bar is almost twice over-supplied, if that makes sense…

In other words, the proportion of the bar which is green is the proportion of the power/crew supplied to the ship which is actually being used (which is what I thought it was initially). Unless I’m completely misunderstanding you, shouldn’t more than half of the first bar be green? After all, 39 > 72/2.

Why is the crew bar entirely blue? Is power/crew that comes with the hull for free not factored into the bar or something? Why, when selecting an empty hull consuming no power or crew, is one bar blue but the other green?

the crew bar should be blue, you have over 200% of the required crew. The power bar is also right. You need 39 power but have 72, so the bar fills up (with green) then starts ‘overfilling’ with blue (the excess, but it doesn’t quite fill up twice, because 2 * 39 = 79, not 72.
Does that make sense?

Alright, I think both of us are communicating poorly, so I’ll lay my point out as simply as possible:
As far as I can tell, the bar is supposed to be representative of the entirety of the ship’s supply of a given resource. The green part of the bar represents the amount of that resource that is in use by the ship, and the blue represents the part that is supplied but not consumed. So, shouldn’t about 54% of the power bar be green, and 46% blue? But from what I can see, the blue section is more than three times bigger than the green.