Beta 1.18: The minor graphical issues thread

Same as the last version of this thread, we can’t expect Cliff to have to trawl through a hundred different bug reports to find the highest priority ones.

This thread will therefore be a collection to all minor graphical/typographical issues in 1.18. Feel free to post anything weird looking here, from ghostly ships to typos.

This is NOT the place for anything serious or gameplay related, such as crashes.

Screenshots are ideal, but an accurate, detailed description should suffice.

When I load a ship I designed previously, all the z-values (in the ship Visuals) are reset to 0.100. At first sight this is not a big deal, since the items keep the right depth relative to each other.

However when putting something under the base hull (z-value below 0), the next time I edit the ship, the items reset to 0.100, which means they are drawn above the base hull.

I still have graphical issues with composites in Beta 1.18. The position of the individual items seems not to be recognized correctly.


  • Click on a scenario planet to deploy a fleet
  • Click New Ship to design a new ship; add some weapons, engines, …
  • Go to Visuals and put some items together
  • Select these items and create a composite; save your ship
  • Go back to the Deployment screen and put some of your newly created ships
  • Fight the battle.
  • Notice the graphical issue there. Going back to Visuals confirms what I saw on the battlefield.

Here’s a bit of an oddity in the ship design screen (two screenshots melded together, with a difference of one frigate pulse laser installed):

If I understand the bars correctly, all three bars in the pic that are showing up completely blue should have at least some green in them (supply of crew/power exceeds requirement). So, graphic bug, or am I just missing something?


the length of the blue bar is the “excess” power, and the full length of the bar is the amount needed.

Therefore, if you have more free than you currently use, you (ie, in the first section, 10 free power, 10 used power (total 20 supplied) then the blue bar is 100% of the length of the base bar.

Given this has come up before, perhaps the length of the bar should be the maximum of the amount needed, and the amount supplied - that way the first case shows the bar 50% green, 50% blue, and if you add in another pulse laser, then it’d show 20/30 and be 2/3 green, 1/3 red.

This composite bug will be fixed in 1.20, although there is still the (minor) issue that it splits the composite when you toggle to the modules view, so toggling back and forth will split all your composites.
In the meantime, just right click and split any composites before toggling back…

Some typos, etc. in Beta 1.19:

  1. Under Research, in the Hulls tab, the various race names are not capitalized. They’re correct for the modules, but not for the hulls.

  2. Sample Destroyer and Sample Dreadnaught need to be capitalized.

  3. Under Battle, on the Select Mission screen (with all the planets), the Map Sizes need to be capitalized (i.e. “Large” instead of “large”).

  4. I unlocked the Zedong class destroyer, and found (much to my disappointment) that it shows a -50% Speed Boost listed in the Ship Designer, but it says nothing about that when looking at it in the Research screen. It also doesn’t list the -50% Speed Boost in the Ship Hull Selection menu (when you press the Change button in the Ship Design screen).

  5. I suggest changing the icon for the Crew Deck module to match the Large Crew Quarters module, which is a closer match than the regular Crew Quarters, and the Crew Quarters icon is already shared with the Reinforced Crew Quarters module.

  6. It’s not clear what the Target Booster Array does that’s different from a regular Target Booster. They currently have the same description text.