Beta 1.20: Ship saves stop working

My game is frequently getting into this state where saving ship designs no longer changes them in the deploy field. Exiting and reloading the game corrects the problem - the designs are getting saved after all, just not updated.

I haven’t found a pattern to this yet. I’m fighting a challenge sent to myself, so maybe there’s an overlap of ship data going on.

Also, my errors.txt inevitably grows to several hundred megabytes over a few days. Is there a limit on this file?

The save button is dimmed all the time here.

Exact timing where the save button go dim and do not come back, please follow the following steps to reproduce the error:

  1. Go to ship design
  2. Change the ship hull to anything other than the current ship hull
  3. the save button dim.

you can just delete that file, but I’m interested to know what it is filling with.

You cant save a ship design without a name, and changing hull blanks the name, but you should be able to type one in. Can you not do that?

Just this repeated message:

28/3/2015 - 21::34 - Untranslated HRESULT [1]
28/3/2015 - 21::34 - Shader Effect failed to find technique
28/3/2015 - 21::34 - D3DERR_INVALIDCALL
28/3/2015 - 21::34 - failed

Update: The carriers in a self-sent challenge will ‘inherit’ some changes made after I issued the challenge - I have removed the guns from one of my designs, and the corresponding ship in the challenge has lost them as well. I have to quit and reload for this to happen. Prior to that, it seems to cause the bug I reported here initially.

These ships have the same design name as each other.

I’ve just coded a fix today that should address a number of screw-ups when this was the case… thanks for reporting it!