Beta 1.21 Please wait... forever?

I saw the new Mods option on the main menu, so I checked it out and subscribed to two designs Cliffski has posted. The game says “Please Wait” while it downloads them, but it never finishes. I left it open for three hours and still nothing. I tried exiting the game and restarting: same thing. I’ve tried for several days now and I’ve been checking these forums for comments about it.

Am I the only one with this issue (since I had to create this topic)?

this may well be because in steams terms, the game is not released yet, so it might let you subscribe but not actually release the files for download. You should always be able to hit escape and quit that, and I suspect no steam workshop stuff will download until release next week.

Hmm, ok. I’ll unsubscribe from those mods until then. Thanks Cliffski. :slight_smile: