Beta 1.21 Salvo weapons

I was looking at the plasma array volley weapon and noticed something odd:

name, salvo_size, salvo_interval, fire_interval sledgehammer_pulse_cannon, 5, 200, 2750 cruiser_pulse_laser, 6, 150, 1400 cruiser_radiation_pulse_laser, 3, 150, 1400 frigate_defense_laser, 4, 50, 200 frigate_plasma_array, 3, 9000, 300 (I can’t remember proper formatting in this forum)

With the exception of the plasma array (which acts as expected), all the salvo intervals are shorter than the fire intervals. Are these reversed? It seems unintended.

Aside from giving the weapons a slightly eccentric fire rate, this is also causing them to have strange in-game stats. (6 shots fired, 8 shots hit, 133% hit accuracy)

Yeah this is all kinds of wrong, I’m fixing it now. Ouch.