[BETA] Easy Turrent Ship Editor - Maybe final

Wow its been a year already.

Not sure if anyone is interested anymore. Even I like the new editor built into the game, but I thought for completeness I might as well update the source as well as the program itself.

I fixed a few bugs in the past hour or so. Mainly changed one of the structures to use float for power as fighters use it. I also put in a half-assed directory searcher, so it will automatically go to the right directory’s when your editing the text files off the standard game. It has hard coded values for where stream keeps the data directory, but you can change it and should change to the correct bitmap folder one the second dialog box. I originally programed it in Visual Express C# so it should still be compile-able using the free version. (Using my version of Visual Studio 2008 currently)

The exe is in the main directory. Make sure you have .NET 3.5 installed. Ignore the two buttons at the bottom. Click on file->Load. The first dialog box wants you to load the txt config file, the second to load the dds bitmap file. Once loaded, you can right click somewhere on the ship and add a turret or equipment point. You can right click on a turret to add a hard-point for your turret or right click again to delete. Left click selects and moves the turret where you want. Click file->Save to finish. Not allot of error checking however.

I have only tested it for a few minutes right now as I am getting ready for class. Suggestions and comments are welcome, but I don’t see myself really extending much more into this program. Its not perfect and I really have to do some source control, but meh, good enough. But if somone has a better way to do some of the stuff in there PLEASE let me know. I like to learn:P
DDS Viewer.zip (52.3 KB)

Hey there, WarlockD! Long time no see! :slight_smile:

It’s really good to know that you’ve tweaked and improved your ship editor. Your programming skill vastly exceeds my own, so I’ll hardly be in any position to take over if you completely tire of this. However, I think that some players would really welcome an alternative to the semi-official editor from Cliffski. His is a fairly powerful app, but very rough. It should be interesting to compare his to the latest version of yours – thank you for sharing it with us!

G’Day WarlockD - Good to see you back

Thanks for posting up your latest version of the Hard Point Editor.
I have only just started in C# programming so i will be learning from you :slight_smile: