Beta feedback from first-time player

I played a little of D2, and I watched a lets-play that Cliff linked to. I’ve so far played 2 games of D3, and here are my thoughts.

  • the tutorial overlay and start-of-turn report was initially unresponsive. I could click the main game under the tutorial overlay, and under the report, but couldn’t click “quit tutorial” or exit the report. Eventually moving to the next turn fixed it. This was on OSX Mountain Lion.

  • twice in my first playthough, I tweaked a policy slider then hit the X to cancel. A dialog came up which I assumed was “do you want to cancel with unsaved changes.” This is what I’m used to from the operating system. I hit the right-hand button only to discover I had committed my changes and spent capital. I’d suggest inverting the meaning of that dialog, or putting “-7 CAPITAL” or whatever in big eyecatching type on it.

  • I played as GB both times, and was assassinated by the capitalists before the end of my first term both times. Had gone big on tech to try and remove Backwater, but kept getting debt downgraded so it never had an effect on GDP. Second time I nerfed crime straight away but didn’t help unemployment or GDC at all. Didn’t cut much and did tax the wealthy, so maybe I had it coming.

  • When GDP kept going down, I could figure out why quickly enough. It always felt fair.

  • some kind of autosave would be nice? Maybe it does it and I haven’t found it?

Re: the last autosave point. Think what I was getting at was I’d like something on the game over screen that says “reload 1/2/3 yrs ago?”

Hi, the game does indeed autosave every single turn, so you can always go to load game and re-try from the previous turn.