Beta Feedback Thread

Hi Cliffski,

have been playing D3 beta for a few hours now and have to say its shaping up to be an excellent game.

game itself is looking good and apart from some balancing issues seems to be pretty good.

couple of suggestions though if I may.

no wars? surely with the current state of the world there should be some way for your nation to get sucked into conflicts of one scale or another. maybe this could come in an expansion or D4 who knows but its the one side of things I feel is really missing.

no option for coalition governments similar to our current situation in the uk again I cant imagine this being easy to implement so i’ll just throw it out there.

would also be nice to have some outlet for all that reserve we build up :slight_smile: be it stockpiling oil/coal reserves or buying up gold or indeed even being able to do something with it even if its just a case of offering loans to other countries which in true style could then be written off when they go bad or a great stick to beat other nations with

One thing i find strange on starting a new game is just how low your party’s support is (especially compared to opposition members and activists). Surely you have just won a general election so your party should start with a majority share of the support from voters.

Another thing that could possibly be improved is the opposition, they just feel very passive. Perhaps in a similar way to the media backlash event, you could have events from the opposition for example criticising you for a rise in unemployment or crime and putting forward their own policies like increasing spending in areas like health or education or decreasing tax and therefore stealing support from certain voter groups.