Beta Feedback

I decided to wait on feedback until I played the tutorial, and cleared the first 18 challenges on Master. Just finished.

I’d like Spacebar to toggle the timer between Paused and whatever speed you were previously running. That’d make time micromanagement a little more intuitive.

I end up accidentally deleting things when try to clear a right-click selection on a busy screen. Is there a keypress that I missed that does this? Intuitively, I hit Escape, but that brings up the menu.

Most of the challenges felt appropriately difficult. The targeted-cure missions were the most challenging, and the random elements impacted their difficulty level the most.

I rarely use most of the tech tree, but that could be due to the time limit of trying to beat everything on Master. Unless the challenge required a specific tech, it got ignored. Desert Research early to remove most of my competition, Ionizer, Agglomerator, and then as-needed tech. Lots of fun stuff up top, but usually don’t have time to get there. Haven’t ever really explored down or left. A ‘faster research’ tech down past globalization or lobbying might incentive more focus down there.

A sandbox mode would be nice.

The recent change to machine placement was irritating, but in retrospect makes sense. I almost never run out of space, or use all the space available, except when I’m trying to be extra efficient by using low-tech machines. Now I have to use the higher-tech machine to fit in the available space. The saturation changes also felt correct; it was a bit too easy to spam high-demand drugs previously. Have you considered a variable saturation level based on number of opponents? (Or is that how it works now?)

I find myself jumping between cures and ingredients pages frequently, to see what ingredients are involved in what cures. Is there a way to visually link those, maybe with an image of the ingredient on the cure page, or an updated hover-text on the ingredient page for discovered higher-level cures supported by an ingredient?

I’ve had a good time. Not sure I’ll play much once I finish the remaining 12 challenges, but frankly, the game as-is is definitely worth the money. It’s polished, the only bugs I’ve knowingly encountered were graphical ones and the building cost reset one, and it does allow for some ridiculous and amusing moments. It’s a thinking game, without being heavy. I like it a lot.

edit: I see that I missed the speed control keybinds in the most recent update. So, you can ignore that suggestion. :slight_smile:

I’ve also had some trouble with accidentally deleting stuff. Early on in the game is can be quite costly. Perhaps double right click could help prevent accidental deletions?

I also have the issue of not exploring the later parts of the tech trees due to aiming for the master rank. It would be nice to have more incentive to keep going after completing the initial goal.

Sandbox mode would be great. :smiley:

Not sure on the solution for accidental deletion. I like the speed of the single right-click, and I think a double-right-click would break the flow of crafting. My preferred solution would be to remove other useful actions from the right-click, so a destructive action isn’t context-sensitive.

Clearing ingredients from a erroneous production line is quite tedious, and expensive. There’s room for an improvement there as well.