Beta v0.2 released!

Hi, everyone in the beta should have just got an email, but basically if you re-download and install the game, it should now be version v0.2 which fixes a whole host of bugs. We are working on further fixes and tweaks :smiley:


Any chance of a Changelog for future updates?

Some bugs I have experienced so far.

Still getting the don’t go to work bug.
When getting a new aspiration I received Fall in love with error retrieving npc name 2.
Not a bug but there is no prompt that pops up when you click delete on the load game screen. A Are you sure prompt would be nice.

Don’t know if it is a bug or not. Person related to my current aspirations died on an away mission, but I still have the aspiration.

Some of us can’t download the new version, because the original download URL we received is now showing “Expired” or the password in “Blocked”.

Interesting, we shall add these to the bug list… Thanks for reporting them