beta v0.3 released!

Hi, everyone in the beta should have just got an email, but basically if you re-download and install the game, it should now be version v0.3 which fixes a whole host of bugs. We are working on further fixes and tweaks :smiley:

Jumping in with some more details about this release! Amongst other smaller fixes, the following changes have now been made:

Redshirt Beta v0.3 Changelog

  • Stuck on loading screen bug’ should now be fixed.
  • Spacebook events at ‘Orbital Soup-erstructure’ restaurant are now working.
  • Potential fix for “blank screen problem” on game startup.
  • Ability to deselect all ‘interested in’ relationship boxes on character creation.
    ‘Aspirations’-related bug fixes:
  • No longer being assigned romantic relationship aspirations for people you are already dating/have dated.
  • No longer assigned aspirations to do jobs you’ve already mastered.
  • Aspirations involving newly-deceased characters are now replaced automatically (and for free).
  • Aspirations involving deceased characters are no longer assigned.

Bug: Game got stuck in the first away mission. Could not exit or save.

Simple Request. A confirm deletion prompt

Oops, just saw this reply to the thread, sorry natro! Hmm. I wonder if this is the same issue brought up in this other thread. If you wouldn’t mind sending me your savegame, I can take a look? Sorry about that!

Also, regarding the deletion prompt – do you mean for deleting saves, or…?

Yes its that same bug.

Yes when deleting saves once you hit delete it just does it. If there is a prompt that pops up to ask for confirmation that would be nice to prevent accidental deletion