Beta v0.31 released!

Just uploaded this new version that fixes some bugs, notably away mission & day-skipping problems, so just re-download and re-install to get that version.

Should we start a new game?
Thing is after returning from away mission there was some weirdness.

  1. My random rank 0 friend suddenly became rank 13 for a while. (But then went back to rank 0). He also changed jobs a couple of times.
  2. Some new people appeared, and one of them has the same name as the different person from before. You can search only one of them though.
  3. Some working screen weirdness: There’s boss, there’s one named coworker, and on unnamed coworker.

Oh, that is odd – you should be able to continue with your old savegame. In fact, Xanoxt, yours was one of the ones I specifically tested it with, as I had your savegame. :slight_smile: Will look into this! Cheers.

I’ll send you current one. Not sure if you can check for things changing in the past, but here’s what to look out for:

  1. Rank/job jumping friend is Garm Cardon. Also, when he was rank 13, I had like 80+ relationship with him or something, but he never comes since I am so much below his level. Maybe make it not impossible for hanging out with people like that if you are their friend and have high relation?
  2. Makbar Borvat is both tentacly thing, and green girl who is my boss. But only 1st one is searchable. Aspiration lists relationship strength so I can understand that its the tentacly thing, but otherwise it is confusing.
  3. I’ll probably start game anew so its “clean”.

Also some spoilery discussion.

I opened all of them ways out of the station. And some messages received are a little confused. I mean, the bribery option message tells that the ticket doesn’t work. But its worded more like this guy who’s sending it is offering a cheaper alternative, because he was cut out of the deal. And Im guessing that is what it means.

Thanks again for sending me the save! Am having a look now to try to figure it out. Thanks so much!

Also, to answer the SPOILERY QUESTION.

Note: spoilers below…

Ah, the bribery option involves T’arg’s brother just informing you that he is charging you too much for the ticket (even though it would still work, of course!), and is letting you know where else you can get the ticket for much cheaper, by schmoozing with Ted in Omega Bar! He’s doing this because he isn’t set to receive a share of the profit anymore and is presumably trying to get back at his brother. :wink:

I think the ‘trying to cheat you’ text might be a bit confusing? I can change that so it’s more clear! :slight_smile:

I have just realised that this one is because the possible names database was edited to remove some duplicate first names in this release, so your savegame’s list of which names have already been used is out of date, so I guess it created a character with a name that had already been used. This is definitely something that will be fixed by release as we finalize the names database and won’t have to delete old names, but yeah, it does mean that using an old savegame might mean duplicate named characters being created and causing confusion in the beta. Sorry about that!

Am still getting soft locks when I try to run the game. I get through character creation fine, but then it seems to hit a brick wall when it gets to loading the actual game. Doesn’t seem like whatever is going on is generating logfiles either which is a problem. Any ideas?

Hi there. Yikes, sorry about that – I take it you are definitely using this version, v0.31?

You’re sure there is no output_log.txt file in the folder described here? viewtopic.php?f=31&t=8268 Any chance of doing a file search for that name?

No log in either location, and confirmed I’m running beta 0.31. Alt tabbing produces a curious effect where I can click on things but can’t see what I’m clicking, and that changes the appearance of the guy in the loading screen, but anything beyond that is me fumbling around blindly.

Hmm, okay. Can I ask which directory you’ve installed your game to? Can you find the .exe file? That might be a good start. :slight_smile:

Also, if you’re able, could you try running it as Administrator? I want to check if this might be a file permissions problem.


Also – anyone else who was experiencing the ‘skipping work’ bug, and has installed this update (v0.31): has this bug occurred again? Want to make sure it’s actually eliminated. Please let me know! :slight_smile:

Running it as admin cured whatever is going wrong. It’s a file permissions issue! Also, install location is default (program files (x86)/redshirt)

Ah-ha, glad you got it working! And, thanks for letting me know. Will see if I can avoid this error in future versions. :smiley:

Now I’m actually getting into the game and not having these perm issues (any idea what was triggering it on Win 7? ) , I’d like to say a heartfelt “Grats” both to you Mitu and to Cliffski, it’s been a while since I have been so utterly charmed by a concept.

Yay, so glad to hear that. Thanks, FuzzyTiger!

So, today I sat down and did that new game thing, and here are the things I encountered.

1st of all. It would be much better gameplay experience wise if you started the game at Monday, instead of friday. At the beginning the funds are a little tight, so 2 days of 0 income are a little harsh (alternatively more starting funds?)
2. S.H.O.P-ping interest needs to have its gains toned down a bit. If you buy food from SHOP (or anything at all) it shoots the interest through the roof and it becomes top interest and it becomes almost impossible to get rid of it. (Possibly make space for another interest?)
3. I haven’t encountered this whole skipping of work thing, and I’ve been playing for quite a bit. I’ll tell you if I see it.
4. So, I have my normal work day, and 3 actions after work. Guess what happens? Someone invites me to “Space Canapes at Omega Bar (Rare)”. And it required 4 actions. I am guessing this isn’t supposed to happen? (Possibly allow going to events like that even if you don’t have enough actions for it? Maybe with some penalty for the next day I mean you stayed late and aren’t as effective at work as you could be. On other hand if next day is saturday you can sleep it off)
Okay, that happened again. This time on an off day. I have 4 actions left, and get an invite to a 5 action event. I am guessing it should check if I have the action points before inviting. Otherwise its just an automatic -15 to whoever is sending an invite.
5. Encountered this thing on the work screen with disappearing names of co-workers. (Also, right now I don’t have a boss on that screen). Most likely has something to do with away missions. After another away mission Boss name appeared again, but 3 other co-workers? Names no longer displayed.

  1. And by the way, I really hope that you’ll add some more restaurant event options, since all of the best options are in the beginning, and there aren’t enough of them. :> Maybe more stuff with low action point cost, but higher cash cost or something? The best options are 2-4 (the fitness related ones), they are cheap, they give only +happines and/or +health, but the problem with them is that anyone who is into fitness declines invitations quite often, cause they already did this thing some time ago. Maybe add favorite activities to people, so they always up to hanging out getting drinks in Nine Backward or whatever? It would be cool if higher action point cost events allowed you to invite more people, or some such? Im guessing this is all an issue with balance.

  2. Speaking of which: does this thing that the health malus on “Blaster burger” slowly increases with time WAI, or a bug? Right now it is at -32 (at 147 days to go).

  3. Right, it happened again. My friend “Breny Pora” suddenly jumped to level 13. Sending you the save-game now, since if it works the same way as before they’ll go down to reasonable level some time in the future.

  4. Oh, and another thing. It is kind of hard to manage the relationship levels of people, if you want them to hate you. Insult/send message (with death threats) etc does nothing. Best way is to invite them to things they will not accept and get that -15 rejected invitation thing, but I am guessing this is not how it was supposed to work? I mean it is easier to keep people with high level of relations if they are not your friends on Spacebook, cause they don’t want your attention and the relations number just doesn’t decay.

  5. Not a bug, but a question. Do skills give advantages of some sort? Some stuff like Romantic maneuvers don’t seem to be in the job requirements etc, right?

  6. To go with point #2. The whole interests thing: most of the people get same (or similar) interests and right now there is noone I know who has “Going to Shows” etc. Most people are with food related interests: “Fitness lifestyle, xenogastronomy, self-indulgence” and the like.

  7. Also! “There are four likes” aspiration. I rarely receive likes on Spacebook, and with my current playtime I am yet to receive 2 likes to any thing I say/do. Im sure it is possible to get, but could you tell me how? Or maybe tweak the aspiration (receive 3 like in total, I can totally see that happening)/like behavior of other people (they like stuff more, especially if it is about them and/or their friends).

  8. There is an issue with fonts. People with really long names like “Thersoan Ch’Rothria” have their name linewrapped, and it overlaps with their profession, and looks really messy.

Anyhow, save game sent!

Wow, thank you so much for all this awesome feedback! That is very helpful of you indeed. :smiley: I’ve answered your queries below:

Ah-ha, a good point! Right now the game should be starting on Thursday (though there is no work shift on your first day) so you get to experience one work shift (Friday’s) before getting to have a weekend. But, I see your point! I will try upping the starting funds a bit, and maybe also start the game on a Wednesday, so there are two work shifts before the weekend. :slight_smile:

Duly noted!

I’ll take this as a good sign!

Whoops, you’re right, this definitely shouldn’t be happening! I will double check. :slight_smile:

That’s already been fixed and is ready to update with the next build (v0.4). Sorry about that! I’ll let you know when it goes up. :slight_smile:

Yes, there’ll definitely be a load more content before the final release! I will also take your balancing suggestions into account, thank you very much!

Ah, as far as I recall, this shouldn’t be happening, but I’ll take a look at this.

Hmm, this is a tough thing to track down, it seems! I’ll take another look.

Yeah, the messages are supposed to be working – it’s possible that NPCs are getting stuck and never getting round to reading their private messages/posts for some reason. Will take a look!

Yes, some of them (such as romantic maneuvers!) do (in this case, with success at sending relationship requests, etc), but I realise their effects aren’t clear. I’ll add a description field of some kind to each of the skill listings, perhaps.

Much of this is down to what the NPCs decide to end up liking themselves! I wonder if it would be useful, however, to be able to search by interests?

This is definitely an NPC behavioural tweak I can look into making if you’re never seeing this number of likes! Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks also for the savegame! I’ll take a look and hopefully track down that mysteriously-ranking-up-friends-bug. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! When I am in a certain mood, I enjoy breaking stuff during betas, and then sending back the reports.

That is great! Any idea on ETA?

Well, it sits there at -32, but -32 health for a little bit for +happiness? I can see their burgers being Evil, but we’re talking Transdimensional Horror kind of evil here, I guess?

From what I observed NPCs do check their stuff, but it takes them weeks to do it, they aren’t really interactive in that regard, that is some times they notice right away, at others they notice weeks later. Here would be a good thing for personality idea, that I’ll elaborate on a bit later: some might be Spacebook addicts and are always checking their stuff, and some do it maybe once a day, or couple and live their lives using only convenience functionality, like event planning. (That could give a percentage to relationship changes based on how much they care about whole Like, etc stuff of Spacebook).

Yeah, a small humorous description with mechanical stuff would be really great!

I’ve just updated the report right before your answer, but I don’t think there’s any new info of note.

About the peoples interests and everyone gravitating to mostly same stuff, here’s an idea: maybe give everyone a “personality” profile, and improve the chances that certain people do certain stuff according to what their personality is about. That way they still randomly do whatever stuff they feel like, but there are some people to invite to whatever interest that you want.
Or maybe allow for 4 or 5 top interests to count, because otherwise there are 0 people with some of the interests, and you can’t actually go to some events without inviting anyone, but most people don’t want to go. An example of that would be Comedy in this save game I sent you. Check it out, no one likes going to shows!
Im thinking this whole “what they decide” bit needs a little tweaking. After some thinking about it, I suspect that NPCs are following PCs lead. In my previous play I was a lot less focused, so everyone were all over this place. And right now I am pushing certain interests, so everyone is also in that corner of the field. Not sure, but it is a thought.

For example: you have this job that requires that you have some interest as the top one. But the way that system works now it becomes harder and harder to change interests (because I am guessing that currently they just add things to counters, right?) as the time goes on.

Searching by interests would be really cool and handy.

Got me the game today and downloaded the BTM version.

Here the Bugs I encountered:

  • Aspiration didn’t recognised when I hit max of my job level
  • I hit Basic Engineering lvl 10 but instead of stoping there it displayed 1 of 2500 exp and after I was at work it was sudenly down to 19 of 25 exp!

Things I find strange:

  • No description of the skills are given what is bad for someone who is not native speaking english like me
  • items that no longer have a effect are not removed automatical
  • When I have only 1 action aviable I can’t easy find people I want to become my friends because the list with all known people is only view able trough group events.
  • People refusing to join my events because I’m friend with someone else? Even worse they still refusing after I revoked friendship with this other person! I think Kudos 2 did much bether there as only when you invite 2 enemys to the same event it give you penaltys.
  • Neglecing someone for a long time has less impact the inviting them and they refuse to apear out of some reason. This make save and reload mandatory for me bevore every group event I want to start.
  • Why do the NPCs complain that I didn’t invite them when they where displayed as busy? This should never happen because inviting someone busy gives you a even bigger penalty.

because I didn’t have a look at previous posts its most likely I bropught up things that where reported already.

Edit: I will wait for the next version as ~50% of my Spacebook friends complet refuse any interactions with me because they hate someone other on my spacebook fiend list.