Better Ending

At the end of a final successful term in government, a nice page which lists your successes (positive outcomes which you developed, negative ones you removed) highest ratings etc with those fireworks, to make you feel all warm inside.

Why not ?

Also comparison of your successes to those countries in your encyclopedia. Like you’re #3 in GDP before Germany; #8 in CO2 emissions after UK.

Why not ?

Why not indeed!

Those are excellent ideas; I hope Sir cliffski patches them in or puts them in Democracy 3.

Good idea, maybe a rank of your popularity, compared with real world leaders.

I think a policy/effect changes screen might be nice too. For instance, if I lowed income tax over my terms by 20% and got rid of the national debt that might be there. Or if the national debt rose massively but now equality is 80% higher that would be there too. Basically a “highlights” or “accomplishments/anti-accomplishments”

Excellent thought.It does end with no stats etc,nor does it remember how you did in previous games