Better financials

I know that most computer games can’t tell the difference between a cashflow statement and a profit & loss statement, but it would be really helpful to have them separate if I’m going to run an efficient operation. A proper P&L statement would allow me to know how much I can afford to invest, whereas the cashflow statement that I’m getting isn’t so great.

Also, having the game end the moment my cash balance goes negative is really harsh and not entirely realistic. ‘30 days to turn it around’ is commonplace in games a reason!

For the part where the game ends when you go below $0, I’d like to see a loan offer pop up instead of instant death.

Agreed. The difference between profit and cashflow is the most basic Accounting 101, and yet the only recent game I can think of off the top of my head that gets it right is Planet Coaster. Disappointing for tycoon games, since double-entry bookkeeping is at least as important in the development of modern industry as the assembly line.

Thirding this. I think more insight into each car/station and better accounting would make it much easier to make intelligent choices when designing the production lines and pricing cars.

im pretty sure the dev already said instadeath is an EA thing and will change in the future, so that shouldn’t be harsh in later builds.

yup a loan opportunity at bankruptcy is definitely something I would like to do, although it would have to be a fairly punishing interest rate and perhaps only allowed once or twice per game to prevent the game getting too easy?

Regarding financials, I’m very interested to know what people would like to see added. I’m certainly no accountant, but I do run a small business :smiley: What should be on the financial screen that is currently not shown?

I always liked the simplicity of the Transport Tycoon financial overview.

It just needs the ability to display the normal 3 major financial statements. (The entire current system amounts to the cash flow statement. It’s missing the income statement and balance sheet.)