Better Support for Impulse Purchases

So, having read your original posting on piracy, via the link on Slashdot, I dropping in and discovered a game that reasonably fulfills my desire to run a spacestation/spaceship, being able to fully configure every aspect to my liking. Downloaded the demo, and messed around a bit on the first mission. Ran through the tutorial (wasn’t really fond of the fact that buttons become disabled while text boxes pop up, even though the game continues running) and then started playing. Discovered that things weren’t necessarily as obvious as I thought (no way to determine how many passengers a steward can assist without trial and error, etc), but after a few restarts, I got the hang of things. Enough so that I ran into the time-limit on the demo. Decided that the game was enjoyable enough to drop the small amount asked, so I went ahead and purchased it.
Got my confirmation email immediately.
Got a second confirmation email, immediately.
Waited for the download link.
Browsed around the forums a bit, saw some 2006 chatter about Starship Tycoon 2.
Still waited for the download link.
Checked my spam folder.
Still waited for the download link.
Re-read some of the comments on the original piracy posting, and some on your response to all the respondants.
Still waited for the download link.
After an hour of waiting for an impulse purchase to complete, I got tired of waiting.

Cliff, because of the slow fulfillment system, I just pirated the game I just purchased.
It took less time to search, find, and download than it did to type this.
I still don’t have my legitimate download link.

In the end, am I justified? I feel so, but you may disagree. I paid your asking price for your product, then took posession of that product when you (or you-by-proxy through BTMicro) failed to deliver what I had paid for. In a digital world, in the niche market of casual games, I don’t believe that a lengthy wait between purchase and receipt is justifiable. You may disagree. Regardless, I did want to give you this anectdote, as I saw that “one-click purchasing” was something you were hoping to get from your vendor.

Well, to finish up the story, I did get my download link, about a half-hour after I posted this.
So not the “up to 5 hours” listed, but not exactly speedy either, so I still think it could use some improvement.

Just a question, was the email address you used to order a free one?
I used Gmail and it took about 21 hours to get mine.

sorry about any order delays, I’m currently experimenting with moving to a different payment company to stop this issue.