Better Target-selection AI on a per-weapon basis

Soooo… this was something the first game never did, which probably bugged everyone.
Say you have a weapon that was GREAT against shields, and awful against armor and against the hull. There were 3 targets within range.
The turret AI would take into account a whole bunch of stats, but totally ignore relative effectiveness, until it had built up enough ‘ineffective shots’ memory for that target.
The new AI takes relative effectiveness into account (balanced against everything else)
So if it has 150% damage vs armor, 75% shields, 25% hull, and there are two targets that are the same in all other respects (within range, both of a class we want to engage, within firing arc, no other overwhelming factors etc), then the weapon will open fire at the one whose shields are down but still has armor.

I’m coding it now, and it will no doubt need a lot of balance, but its better than not being there :smiley: Hopefully it’s not too slow either!

Are all weapon independent in term of AI?
If a weapon is medium against all def, but have an ultra high targeting speed, does is prioritise fast, or slow ship?
Does shield stability damage are taken into account? (so unlike GSB1)
Once the AI have selected a target, what are the condition for it to change?
Why are you so awesome?

Nice! But…

…in your example, what happens if armor penetration is lower than armor ‘resistance’ of the enemy ship whose shields are down?

it takes that into account, and realizes it wont be able to damage that target, although if no other target is available, it will fire at it anyway.

And for my questions? ^^’