Big Factory = Game Frozen


I started to build a factory with all the machines available, the game was fine until I start put the Wheel machine and the game start to slow down until it’s unplayable :frowning:
I have one i7 with 32Gb Ram and the game uses less than 400Mb (task manager).
It is possible to enhance even more the game?

Resource Conveyors:
Second suggestion: make it easier to delete the resource conveyors, now it’s impossible without deleting the machine under it.
Third suggestion: well I place the “Make …” machines with the objective of don’t buying any pieces so I make a resource conveyor path to the “Make …” machines and another, separately, for the resources made by them but that it’s sometimes difficult, it’s really a puzzle, please make a way for the Resource Conveyors can be closer to each other but not connected, can be a option!

“Path” Conveyors:
Fourth suggestion: joining the conveyors it’s difficult, sometimes it’s needed delete and make the path again, maybe make a sub-menu with crossings.

It’s all for now …

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there were several performance enhancements the last two patches.
Do you use the latest game version (alpha 1.09)?
Would you please attach a savegame so other may take a look into your savegame?
If it is a custom map this needs to be attached as well.

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No, I only have acess to the 1.08a version.

My factory in the attachment. (I don’t know if the image it’s needed).
zKZ3R0.xml (1.93 MB)

As soon as all the slot at the top/left side of your factory get connected to resource importers everything is fine.

Cliff has mentioned a problem with such a situation (mega facility + unconnected slots) earlier. I’m not sure if he has fixed this or is still working on. I’m either searching with the wrong words or … but can’t find his posting atm.

So maybe you will have more luck hunting his post and give him a reply …

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I think Cliff fixed it for the upcoming 1.10… so a little patience.

The pathfinder for the resource conveyors where not well optimized so it caused huge slowdowns in bigger factories.

Thanks for the answer! I don’t connect the factory because of the little money I have xD
I hope this can be fix soon!