Big New Venues Problem

When I gig in big big venues I created; I can never pass 8,000 attendence threshold. Unrealistic when I have 500 fame. It limits the games potential in “after being famous” times. Can this be balanced by releasing the MaxFame threshold maybe? A patch after Kudos 2?

I was having similar issues, but I thought it was because my group’s Hype wasn’t high enough…even though they were very famous (not quite at 500, but in the 330-350 range). I thought that fame allowed you to access the bigger arenas, but Hype is what brought the people into the stands. That’s one more reason I’d like to see the group be able to purchase more than one video…they give a nice big boost to the hype.

As usual, I may be way off base on this. It wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened.

There is some hard coding that prevents this. Its basically capped at 10 times fame, and then adjusted a bit higher for charity gigs or for good PR. It is trivial for me to change this in code, but that would inbalance everything else, because it’s done on a sliding scale. I would like to see the game extendible to cover such sizes though, so I must try and find timne to look at it, but realistically, that won’t be for a while.