Big Pharma Mods - not FREE Belts, PRINT Money

I think Tim said he might start a different “MOD” section on the forum, but for now…

just for the heck of it , took his “Free Belts” mod (available at

and changed the 4 lines w/ “cost”:0 in the to “cost”:-100 (for belts)

and voila!! I’m printing money everytime I place a belt.


[size=50]Just kidding. ;)[/size]


My mod was trivial and sort of a joke, but wanted to point out a ‘real’ mod that Jackeea put on reddit (and Tim tweeted).

Pretty nice work here (require catalyst to remove a side effect? both genius and horrible!) … erhaul_v1/

Jackeea’s work had me wondering, could we do a mod on file (and others related) to make a machine with 3-way input and 3=way out put?
(and this reddit post “I don’t think that uploading custom graphics to use in-game is possible. You can definitely create machines using the in-built graphics, and change them though”)

A sort of “drug splitter” where the center drug send 2 ingredients to ‘left’ drug and the other 2 ingredients to ‘right’ drug?
I’m guessing there would be many more changes in other files, and things like
“size”:{“x”:2,“z”:3}," need changes. A d who knows about the images needed (if they are).

============== to something like:

                           [b] {"m":2,"n":2,"d":1,"drugType":"oil","io":"OUTPUT"}[/b]


	"swapper":true, may not be enough... would need changes.