Big ship

Hi hi! I’m not a modder, just putting that out there, and i’m looking for a huge hull to put into the game. I love the cruisers, but i’d really like to see one or two huge ships sitting on my side of the field. Wasn’t sure where to look to find a hull like that on here. If i could get a bit of help, i’d love it :smiley: thanks!!

You’ll just modify the text file for the ship you want and adjust it’s size.

To what? I mean, i’m really lost. I’m a writer, not a ship modder :stuck_out_tongue:

Scroll down until you see the commentary in ghoti’s post about ship size.

At present, the ship height value appears to be almost unlimited. Ship width, however, is very sharply limited. No officially-released GSB ship has a width greater than 256. 290 seems to be the maximum with the present game codebase. However, players have reported lockups, crashes, and general weirdness even when they assigned a width value of 270-280, so beware. One of the infamous dreadnaught-class ships I created had a width of 275, and I believe that Hybrinoid reported game crashes when he adjusted its width even slightly higher than the value I assigned to it.

By the way, welcome! It’s good to see some new folks around here. The “Mod Patrol” has created some very useful alternatives to official modules and hulls. Of course, some of them are also perverted monuments to misplaced ingenuity. Fun has its place, too. :slight_smile:

Hey thanks :smiley: and thanks for all the advice. That gives me a place to start.

Cliff posted something about a ship editor tool he is working on - don’t know when the ETA for release is but that will certainly help you out. Especially if he builds the correct limitations into it.