Biggest game flaw IMHO

If you manage to get certain things perfect quite fast, like crime free utopia for instance. Then you cannot pledge to reduce crime if you’re already spending the maximum on it, same as with all pledges. basically, if you’re doing a perfect job and more or less everybody is happy… eventually you cannot pledge to improve anything and whislt 80% of the population love you nobody turns out to vote as they’re angry at you for not keeping to your pledges (which you HAVE to make despite knowing you can’t improve on them)… the only thing you could do is drop the taxes and get in deficit, then raise them again, then drop them again, etc…

Bit silly really!

Also… alcohol laws should affect violent crime!

I agree… I have the same problem so it just ends me picking random things.

This is entirely realistic. People are never happy with what they have.

Well there is the want to have more stuff and have better stuff but I would think someone would find a way to upgrade the system. For example if your schools have laptops then what about better software? If you have biofuels what about hydrogen fuel cells etc. So personally I think it almost seems like there needs to be “future tech” things that can occur after you’ve been in office for awhile.