Bird Flu is imbalanced

Yeah, ok, I get it. Bird flu was a “big issue” that everybody flipped [poop] about for like 6 months.

That said, why does it so thoroughly DEVASTATE my economy, and continue to do so for SIX YEARS?! Yeah, it takes 24 turns for that [poop] to go away! I could see this cascading into other health problems if I had been neglecting my population’s health, but not when I have health at 100%, and pinned there so hard that it doesn’t even dip when bird flu hits. Yet despite this wonder-of-the-world health care system, my productivity still drops to 30%, removing my high productivity bonus and creating an uncompetitive economy, ultimately costing me I would guess upwards of $200 billion total before it’s finally done [making love to my head].

I guess in the universe of Democracy 3, Avian Flu is much more devastating than it was in real life.