Bird Flu......

after playing the game many times now i have discovered what makes me want to throw my computer at a wall…
this bird flu modifier is RIDICULOUSLY overpowered, I had my GDP at 100 and bird flu not only lowered this by 30%
it then lowered productivity by such a level that i got an uncompetitive economy which both then systematically destroyed my economy…
My GDP fell to the point that my income was putting me in a deficit of nearly £100 billion which then gave me a debt crisis…
then unemployment soured and poverty raised loads and i simply could not do anything to stop this bird flu which had now put my economy in a state that took me TWO terms to fix…
despite this i had state healthcare at maximum and my nations health was at maximum when the flu hit… surely this should affect how damaging this bird flu is.

so Cliff for the next update can you please;
[]lower the effects of bird flu on national health.
]lower bird flu’s effect on GDP and productivity.
[]only make bird flu affect health, not any other sector of the game.
]input some sort of policy that lowers bird flu’s effect on the population (eg. pandemic preparation or something of that nature)

please do these so my PC doesn’t end up a pile of trashed metal on the floor
many thanks

Yeah, I made a similar post about this. Bird Flu is just ridiculous in this game. If I’m playing a term limited nation and get hit by bird flu I restart.