Bit of a graphics issue

Alright, I’m running version 1.50, it seems, and I recently picked up both the main game and the nomads expansion on steam.
I noticed that on some of the nomad ships, the engines’ exhaust isn’t displaying properly; instead I get little white squares of exhaust (see picture)

I haven’t noticed this with any of the other races, and it doesn’t happen to some of the ships, so I’m guessing it’s just the one effect.
I’ve tried reinstalling the game several times, validating game cache, etc, but I can’t get rid of it, so some help would be greatly appreciated (I posted this on the steam forums as well, but I want to be thorough)

… Alright, I’ve apparently fixed the solution.
Coiincidentally, when I bought the DLC pack from positech, I decided to install the nomads pack that came with it overtop of the one I had already, and that fixed the problem. Seems like it might just be a problem with the steam download, or possibly just MY steam download.
In any case, don’t worry about it ^^