Bizarre Election Result

Let me start by introducing myself, I bought the game as a present for my dad a few days ago and have played it a bit myself and have found it surprisingly enjoyable. I find it incredible that one person managed to code it all, hats off to you.

However I’ve had a bit of a problem, I took control of my country and guided it through a global recession before enjoying the boom years greatly. My popularity is over 70% and I’ve finally cleared the debt mountain I had been lumbered with.

So imagine my surprise when I get booted out of government in my second election. The only thing I can see to cause this is for some reason my party membership has suddenly disappeared down to a very low number compared to my opposition. I’m unsure when this happened but I had a healthy lead over my opposition at the last election.

What the hell happened?

The savegame file can be found here:

I suspect it may be this:


Does that sound like what you experienced?

it looks similar but i havent broken any manifesto promises. in fact i’ve achieved double what I promised :unamused:

I’ll investigate this save game.

It’s complacency. basically the voters are too complacent.
You can fix it by changing this:

//maximum value for which a voter will reduce his happiness by complacency built up over time.



in data/data.ini

I’m going to change that in the full version. I think the current effect is too strong.

indeed i think your right its too strong. thanks a lot