black when used in any weapon animation

hello again,
i was trying to make a kind of gravity/dark energy based weapon animation(black base with a bright cyan blue glow) but when i add black to any weapon it makes it transparent instead of black, I am wondering if i am saving the images wrong or if its just the engine and there is nothing to be done for it.

The Friendly Community Mod Squad is happy to help arkcane
Is it possible for you to post up your files so we can have a look at it ?
Also, if you could let us know which weapon its for ( bullet / plasma / beam / etc)

At a guess i would say that your adding black to the alpha channel which makes it transparent.

Thanks for the quick reply
i have tried it on both beam and bullet but here is the bullet, and the text for it

im also using gimp if that matters
darkbullet.rar (6.25 KB)

I cant believe i forgot that part, the bullets are semi transparant !!
Therefore when you have a “black bullet” it wont work the way you would like it to. . .

Maybe one of the other members of the Mod Squad will have an idea . .

I know I’m not a formal member of the Friendly Community Mod Squad, but here’s what I can contribute:

To the best of my knowledge, black just flat-out does not work. Example:

Here is the bullet file - a nice, friendly Looney Tunes bomb.

Here’s how a bunch of them look in-game.

Since you can still sort of see the wick (which is a dark gray rather than black), you may be able to use that sort of color. But it will still look kind of ghostly at best. Still, looking at your bullet, maybe it will get you a decent effect by at least eliminating the big hole in the middle? Just a suggestion.

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As to the question at hand … Due to the semi transparent nature of bullets - making a pure black bullet seems to be out of the question.

hmm it also seems to be that way with beam weapons as well i will have to come up with another scheme.
thanks for the info