Blank Aspirations and Yellow Alert bugs

I’ve hit two bugs early on in my first two playthroughs.

The first one was a bug that happened immediately at the start of the game, when I got my first aspirations. Only one of them actually got assigned properly, the other two were blank. Even the single “Become friends with Astra” mission that was visible didn’t complete when I accepted her friend request.

The second bug hit on a second attempt at the game. After a few days, I got a popup at the start of the day saying “you have a new spacebook message”, then immediately I got the “yellow alert” dialog, which couldn’t be closed. Here is a zipped up version of the “output_log.txt” file. It seems to be reproducible when I load the save from the previous evening, so if you’d like, I can upload that too (though you’ll have to tell me what files are needed).

Hi, thanks so much for posting about this! Sorry you’ve hit bugs so early on in your playthrough. :confused:

  1. I think your save file would help massively in this case! If you look in the same folder where you found your output_log.txt file, there should be a folder with your character’s firstname, followed by a string of numbers. If you could zip up and upload that entire folder, it would be very helpful indeed!)

  2. Also, are you playing v0.1 or v0.2 ? (It should tell you on the menu screen!)

Sorry also for the delay in getting back to you – I’ve been offline for the past couple of weeks (on away mission “get hitched”), but we’ll have another update out very soon indeed. :slight_smile:

Hi Mitu, thanks for the reply (and congratulations!).

I’ve zipped up the save that consistently triggers the yellow alert bug, and put it up here. Just end the day and it should happen first thing the next morning.

Both of the issues were encountered with Beta 0.2, which is the first one I tried. I look forward to the next update, and hope my save helps in fixing whatever bugs remain.