Blocked People

Hi all,
I’m still a newbie in this awsome game and I’ve already done a mistake: I’ve accidentally blocked some people in Messages Inbox. Is there a way to unblock them?


if your running under Windows head over to:
\My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\web
In there look for:

Delete them all run GSB again
You will download ALL your messages again
(Thats the only way i know)

Have Fun :slight_smile:

In my web folder I’ve only found and deleted “tmp163.html”. I run GSB and it’s all the same: even Message Inbox has the same messages inside. Is it ok? Now I will receive all messages again, right?

Thank you for your help.

Deleting the html enabled me to get back all the messages from the systm (ie someone attempted your challange)

Since no one has sent me online messages through GSB (sniff nobody wuvs me) i cant test much more than that
My suggestion from there is, you might have to rename a few files (ie messages.txt and oldmessags.txt) to see if it gets them back.

Hopefully someone with a bit more experiance in this area can suggest the correct course of action

Waiting for someone else… In the meantime I try to rename some of those files!

Have you tried a quick re-install of GSB? Just back up your ship designs (or use the period to re-imagine some). I routinely end up re-installing GSB for various reasons.

Perhaps post more challenges and you’ll get more messages and retaliations?

Has played almost every posted challenge.
And retaliated.

Could you tell me exactly what folders I have to back up? I don’t want to lose honour and unlocked stuff :slight_smile:

PS: I’ve got GSB, Order DLC, Tribe DLC and Swarm DLC.

I just saved the ‘ships’ folder - for honour and unlocked stuff I’ll just grind away. Most missions can be beaten with 5000-10000 honour and I’ll have everything unlocked by the time Defend Caspian IV comes around. I’ve done it with pretty much the original fed ships.


Just another question: Have you blocked “system” messages? They’re look like spam :slight_smile: