Blog Video #78: The price is right

Latest ‘ProductionLine’ Developer blog video, in which I talk a lot about pricing, how we changed it, and why, and what to expect from this awesome improvement to the game :smiley: :red_car::red_car::red_car::red_car:


Looking forward to the improved pricing structure.

I’m also looking forward to it! Please make sure you fix the discount for old inventory! Its currently discounting cars with less hours in the showroom than the set threshold, not more hours as it should be. This means cars fresh off the line get the discount right away.

Yikes…really? I will check this immediately.

A quick thought. How about using the +/- symbols instead of ‘increase’ and ‘decrease’?

I would even go further and suggest that perhaps you include a top row of buttons for Budget, Middle, Expensive, etc that when a user clicks on it it sets the price at the lowest default of that price range. This should reduce the amount of clicking, as a user would then only have to click a few times through a selected price range to increase the sales price from the default lowest value in that pricing range.

Ha! thats a really neat idea. I may have to include that in 1.56

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Oh man. I played all weekend and had problems with getting profitable despite huge efficiency boosting efforts, this could be the reason :smiley: I had set high premiums, but a discount system in place like
1h in showroom > 5% discount
2h in showroom > 10% discount and so on, down to 50% discount.
Ended up stacking loans ^^