Blueprint mode 2.0

Hi there! :raising_hand_man:

I’ve been playing around with blueprint mode for the past 3 days now and I would just like to give my two cents on how to improve this tool in the future:

  1. Show grid.
    Sometimes the tiles of the factory floor are so bright, that on my monitor at least, I cannot see the grids. (That should be true even in normal mode)

  2. Show IN and OUT arrows
    Ploping down b.p. slots, should show you the arrows in and out of a slot, because in more complex layaouts, you can mess up the connections easily.

  3. Transport conveyors in b.p.m.
    Transport conveyors should be shown as blueprints as well. Now it just destroys all the blueprints, if you try to place transport conveyors over them to see how it would look.

  4. Show stockpile
    On the blueprint slots you should see where slots stockpiles are.

So that is it. What do you think? Does this make sense?

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I’d add that it would be nice if blueprints ignored all currently placed conveyors and slots. I find it cumbersome that sometimes I need to build a new line in blueprints off to the side of where I want them because there’s an existing conveyor line, or something else in the way. I then have to shift all of them again when I’m ready to implement and the object(s) in the way have been removed.

I can see situations where people may want the blueprints to respect currently placed objects like the current behavior, so perhaps make this an option that can be toggled? Keeps everyone happy.


I agree that being able to place a blueprint slot over an existing slot is something that would help with planning.

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